Coloring with Alcohol Markers

I’ve been working on cards for the craft bazaar coming up in April. This week I decided to try some coloring with alcohol markers. I have the Caliart markers, I bought them off Amazon (of course, I think I may have an Amazon problem!) 40 markers were less than 20 bucks when I bought mine. Anyway, I usually use colored pencil because I feel you have more control, but I really like the way all those lovely cards look that are colored with markers. So….I thought I would give it a try.

this is what I ended up with

I am pretty happy with the way the markers colored, the colors are nice and vivid and it was not to hard to stay in within the stamped image as the markers did not bleed on the paper. If you are wanting to try your hand at coloring whether it’s coloring to relax or coloring a stamped imaged I think you would like these markers they are not very expensive and they do a decent job.

I will be using the dies that came with the stamps to cut these images out and then I will use them to make a few birthday cards that I will be taking to the bazaar.

Mark your calendars and if you are in the area make plans to come out and visit my booth.

Happy Crafting, Stephanie

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