TeePee card How-to

I know I promised this a while back but, the tutorial is finally here!

What you will need:

1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 card stock for the base of the card 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 patterned scrapbook paper for the mats Embellishments of your choice 1 set of velcro dots

First let’s cut the papers, the plain cardstock first. Cut 3 squares 4 x 4 inches. Then cut the patterned paper 2 squares 3 7/8 x 3 7/8 (then cut these on the diagonal). That’s all the cutting you will need to do. Let’s put this together.

Take the 3 plain squares that you cut and fold them on the diagonal. We will be gluing these pieces together. Look at the picture below this will give you an idea of how the folds need to be arranged for this to fold into a teepee.

Ok, run glue along on side of the square, this will be place on the fold of one of the other pieces (secure this, then add glue to the remaining part that touches the other piece *if you glue the entire square you will have glue where you do not want it* you will know what I mean once you place the first piece). Then repeat with the other square that you have left. Now you should have something that looks like the picture above. We will place the velcro dot next (I put both pieces of the velcro together to do this), the dot goes on the point of either side it does not matter which side as you will see when you fold the card (it just has to go on the point). Next fold your card so that you can adhere the other side of the dot (push firmly to get a good stick). You should now have your teepee.

On to the matting of each side. Take the three patterned pieces you cut earlier. I used tape for this but you can use glue ( I am a bit heavy handed with the glue, so tape for me). Once you have your adhesive on the first piece place it on one of the triangles (I do this while the card is still folded in the teepee position, you can unfold if it is easier -just remember that when you are placing the other two mats do not mat the side that has the velcro in the middle, mat the side where the velcro is on the point). Once you have placed the first patterned mat go ahead and do the other two sides. The card is now finished except for embellishing.

As you can see I made this card for Easter. So, I used some Easter stickers that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I used both flat stickers and some 3D chipboard stickers to give it a little more character or bling if you will.

Once the card has been embellished you’re finished. These cards go together pretty quick, start to finish! The card can be folded and will fit in an envelope for mailing.

a video tutorial is available on my facebook page, just follow this link

As Always, Happy Crafting Stephanie

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