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Hey Everyone I have been so busy trying to get product made for the craft bazaar that I will be attending in April that I have been slacking on posting to the blog. SORRY!

So, this is what I have been up to. I have been in the process of not only making more cards, but I have been putting together a couple of mini albums (working on my first 5×7 album). A wedding gift is in the making and I have a couple of orders that I am trying to fill . I am also just about finished with my first paper purse. That’s right guys, a paper purse that can actually be carried as a PURSE! Right, I know exciting! Of course you have to keep it out of the elements, but you will be carrying a One-of-a-Kind purse when you’re out hitting the town!! I will post pics of the purse once it is finished -stay tuned.

I have also added a page to the blog Shop“. Yep, you can now order cards, I have added a few cards and will be adding more during the week. I will also be adding a few of my other finished projects as they are completed. Come back often it’s an exciting time here at PlayinWithPaper!

Stay safe and take care in this crazy time!! And, as always, Happy Crafting -Stephanie

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