Here is another super simple and really fast little project you can do, seriously, less than 5 minutes to make this treat holder.

This is what you will need for this project

1 piece of patterned paper 6 x6 or 8 x8 (the bigger the square the bigger the treat holder) Embellishments of choice

How To

Take the square piece of paper that you have, I used a 6 x 6 piece. Fold this on the diagonal as shown in the picture below, you will have a piece of folded paper the looks like a triangle

Now take one of the corners and fold over to the edge of the opposite side: shown below, then do the same with the other corner

You should now have something that looks like this

You will take the top layer of the top of the treat holder (the part that you did not fold to one side or the other) and fold it down. This holds the whole thing together, you do not need tape or glue or anything to keep the treat holder together.

Embellish and add your treats…….Your done, less that five minutes to create. This could be used for school parties, baby showers, wedding favors, birthday party favors, the options are endless!

In light of this world pandemic, we all need to find something that will help us calm our minds even if for a few minutes. Maybe crafting, maybe something else. Either way, I will continue to post little projects for you. Until next time…

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay in…. Happy Crafting -Stephanie

PS: There is a video for this project on the FB page: @playinwithpaper, and I have also added some new pictures to the gallery here on the blog -hop on over and take a look

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