Everyone Needs One

Over the weekend I started making masks, as it has been suggested that everyone in the US start wearing a mask if they are going outside. Many have already been doing this, but they are all but impossible to find right now. So, the diy-er inside me said let’s just make some.

One of my favorite craft stores: Joann Fabrics has a few different sets of instructions for making your own masks, both in PDF and video format. You can find the instructions here. You can also do a search on Youtube and I’m sure you would come up with many different options.

Anyway, I have put my paper, inks, and other supplies away for a couple of days, so that I can make a few masks for my family. I have one done, did it Sunday night while watching the TV, and this morning cut more out to be sewn.

You can see below the finished product, works out nicely!

If you decided to try to make these yourself and need help, contact me and if I can help clear up the instructions I will.

One last thought, if you do make these as a bit of added protection when you need to go out for supplies, Please do not get complacent with social distancing (these masks are part of the solution not the entire Solution) keep the suggested six foot distance from others, better yet, stay home if you can!

Stay Safe! And, Happy Crafting -Stephanie

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