Tools I Love to Use

Ok, I finally got a few of my tools together and thought I would introduce you to the ones that are always out on my craft table. I use these ALL the time!

The first one is the corner rounder, many different companies have corner rounders on the market. I have Fiskars corner rounder, because when I started doing cards that was the one the store had in stock ( I do love it though, I have tried others and I always go back to my Fiskars. Ok, what does it do, you asked? It will round the corner of your card base or topper, so if you do not want a square corner you get a bit of a rounded corner (its great when working on mini albums!)

Fiskar corner rounder. Easy to use , gives a nice corner!

Second tool I love is the Paper Piercer, again there are lots of these on the market, I happen to have the one from Stampin Up. This tool can be used for many, many things. I have used this to pierce paper very few times, but I use it just about every time I sit down to paper craft. You can peel the paper off of double sided tape with this, pick up small embellishment, move embellishments once placed, and I’m sure there are other uses for it as well.

And last, Sissix stamping pad, which they actually call the Secret Weapon. This pad is great to use when stamping with the clear stamps that do not have the foam attached like the rubber stamps. Although, I use with all my stamps. This mat is double sided there is a foamy side, used for stamping. This side helps you get a good stamped image (no one likes not having all the lines of their stamped image). Yep, it does help! I use to stamp (using good pressure) and at times would be missing lines or letters in words (the worst), but with this pad I get a good stamped image every time! The back side of the pad has a rough feel and can be used when piercing paper (this way you can lay the paper on the pad and not have to worry about your craft surface or your fingers).

So, there you have it. Three of the tools I use the most when making cards and mini albums. These items are all readily available on the retail market. Nice thing is none of them are expensive and they will make your card making life easier.

Until next time, Happy Crafting! -Stephanie

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