I posted a video today for the How-To for the junk journal, it is live on my facebook page, Right Now! Check it out you will surprised at how easy it is to make this junk journal. And, if you are not a Do-It-Yourself(er) you can always contact me at to order your own personalized journal. Anyway, her are a few pictures of the journal I made for the facebook page. It in two parts (the entire journal is made), part 3 will be ideas for embellishing!

A few other things that have been going on here at PlayWithPaper: I have one birthday card left to make for this year and that is my daughter’s. She turns the big “30” so, that calls for an out of this world good card (still thinking about that one). Can’t show pictures of the birthday card, incase the fam decides to look at the blog, but I can show a few of the just because I love you cards (as my five year old Grandaughter calls them). She actually picked out what she wanted on her card when we video chatted the other day. Here’s what she picked…..

I spent a day reorganizing dies and stamps, fun, fun, fun! and swatched out all of my markers, again, fun! I’ve included pictures of how I store my dies, stickers and stamps (for anyone looking for organization ideas for their stuff). When I swatched the markers I used a flower stamp I had and colored each flower and labeled it with a number or name so I could see what color the marker actually was on paper (it helps a lot, and it was fun to color all those flowers).

On the homefront (yes I stepped away from my paper crafting for a day or too, hard for me to believe, but I did!), we started planting flowers and vegetable in the backyard. As usual, I could not wait and yes they (weather people) are saying it is going to frost this weekend, so….. We will be going out to cover all the plants so the cold doesn’t kill them. I really need to learn to wait to plant until it gets warm and stays warm (but where is the fun in that).

Ok, so that’s it. Whew, that was a really long post. I know you’re thinking “just write a book, lady!” Sorry, guess I had a lot to share. Don’t forget to check out that new video on my FB page for the journal (make sure to watch both videos) and have a great week, until next time…..

Stay Well and Happy Crafting -Stephanie

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