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I wanted to let everyone know that this page will be shut down Dec. 31, 2020.

I will no longer be posting to the blog, I cannot keep up with this and FB and I have decided to move things to FB as I can post my videos there without paying a fee.

Please feel free to follow me on FaceBook. You can find me under the user name: StephJo.crafts.

I will be focusing on mini albums (not really so mini, many are at least 8×8 and larger) and cards (mostly Christmas and Birthday cards).

You will be able to purchase through facebook messenger (using square or PayPal) and I will be having my first “SALE” shortly after the new year (I will try to post the date here before the blog is shut down, so check back later). And as always if you are looking for something in particular you can email and I will try to get you what you need. New email:

I hope everyone is safe and having the best holiday season possible. -Stephanie


YEP, I did not pull off the facebook live thing. But, I do have two new videos up on my facebook page showing how to make the cards. And, these cards are super EaSy to make! All you need is paper, scissors, glue and some wiggly eyes.

All in All these cards will cost you nothing to make even if you have to buy all the supplies (scissors excluded, but then again you could buy kids scissors which are about a buck, so…..) you will still spend less than five bucks! For two cards that a steal, and they are handmade, by YoU, so even better than store bought, in my opinion.

Anyway, here are the two cards from the videos. Go watch and give it a try. And, as always, Stay safe and Happy Crafting -Stephanie

Happy Fall!

Pumpkin Donuts, Sweaters and Pumpkin Coffee what more could you ask for! Did I mention I love FALL….

Anyway on the craft front, I got those Halloween cards done for the grankids and I will be on FB Live tonight showing how to make a couple of Halloween cards that need no special equipment to make. That’s right No dies, no machines just scissors, glue and paper. Join us at 8pm CST for all the fun, prizes will also be awarded.

Here are the Halloween cards….

Until next time, stay well and Happy Crafting -Stephanie

I’m Back . . . .

Thanks for dropping by the blog. I have been enjoying the summer. Doing a bit of traveling and spending time with family (oh, and buying houseplants). But, now it’s time to get back to making!

I have been working on Halloween cards for the grankids. I will also be on Facebook Live on October 3, 2020 for National Card Day! Join me for some fun cards that you can make at home. And, the best part is you do not need any special tools or dies to make these cards (just paper, scissors and glue). I will also be show casing a few blank albums that will be for sale.

On that note, I will be changing up some of the pages on this blog. I have already removed the Stampin Up page (I am no longer associated with the company -no hard feelings-just wasn’t for me). Next change that will be coming in the future . . . you will be able to purchase cards here on the blog. Keep an eye out for this exciting improvement!

So, this is a short post. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! The cards I mentioned are below. Happy Crafting -Stephanie

JULY 2020

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to take the month of July off. I have been spending time with grankids, family and dogs (6 dogs, as I am dog sitting. Not complaining, I LOVE them). I have also started a plant family and have been buying and swapping plants with my daughter-in-law.

I love this new hobby! I started with one plant sent to me by my daughter-in-law (and son) on Mother’s Day and from there it has been a ridiculous journey! I already have about 20 plants and (just ordered a few more, it happens!). But, as I now have all these plants I needed somewhere to put them. So…..enter the hubby. He has built me an A frame ladder plant stand and a couch table that did not end up behind the couch (again, it happens, lol). They are full of plants and look great. Here are a few pictures.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great month! Don’t forget to stay safe, wear your mask and practice social distancing. I will see you in August with new tutorials, new mini albums and hopefully an online craft class (we’ll see how it goes!).

Happy Crafting -Stephanie

Hello Crafty Friends

What have you been up to this week. I have been working on some SnailMail for the grankids (made my first pull card ever!), put together a new Photo Card (for mailing ), and have made two mini albums. Wow, right?

I think I will be making a written tutorial for the Photo Card this next week and will post it as soon as it is Done! In the meantime, you can watch the entire video on my YouTube channel.

Here is my Pull-Card, I love the wy it turned out. Of course, I started the card before watching the video that gave directions for using the slider die. What can I say…. i’m not big on reading directions. Anyway, the video gave me a good idea of how the whole thing worked, soI was able to make the card even though I did it completely wrong. And, it works so, I’m pretty happy with it.

And, over at RosaKellyScrapbooking on YouTube I found a couple of albums that I really liked, so I followed along and made two interactive mini-albums. They turned out great! I still have to mat the pages and make them look all pretty, but that’s a project for a future weekend. Oh, and I finished my Christmas mini. Which by the way, I designed by myself (yes, I surprised even myself).

To wrap this up, check up my new YouTube channel, and keep on the look out for the tutorial for the Photo Holder Card.

Have a Good Week, Stay Safe and Happy Crafting -Stephanie

Here It Is… Stamping Up

The new catalog is live and can be order from. You can down load the digital catalog at

Here are a few of the items that I really liked, some I really love. Without further ado…..

I’m starting off with some of the more boring items (I feel they are boring but necessary). Paper, the In Color paper is great! The color pallet is nice and the quality of the paper is awesome, so is the Whisper White yardstick. Also, there is a balloon punch. It punches two different size balloons at a time (who doesn’t use balloons on Birthday and Party cards, I know I do!). And, then there’s the…. never mind that’s it for the boring stuff. So, here are pictures of the punch and the paper colors.

these papers can be ordered by individual color or as an assortment the note in the picture refers to the assortments (4 pieces each of the 5 colors)
I own a few of the punches, they are great quality punches!

Now for the FUN stuff! There are a few stamp sets that have coordinating dies, whether or not I will purchase these has yet to be determined as the stamp sets I like are not very intricate and can be fussy cut for cards. Anyway, here they are…

Stinkin’ Cute Animal Stamps

coordinating dies available

My Peeps

A Day Without Coffee, Chocolate, Cookies, Ummmm….

coordinating dies available

For the Girly, Girls

coordinating dies available

There you go a quick preview, so go Download the catalog, give it a good look and…..

If you find something you would like to have or something you just can’t live without, give me a holler or an email might work better and I’ll take care of your order.

Happy Stamping -Stephanie

PS. You can see the video preview on my “NEW” YouTube channel! Yes I did, I started a YouTube channel we’ll see how that goes . . . .


Well, I finally got around to cleaning my craft table off, reorganized my papers, and got my stamps and dies put away. I always forget to take the before picture, but believe me when I say you could not see the top of the table. It was “ridiculous”!

Anyway, I found a few cards that needed to be finished, and some pages for a mini album, that had been folded and cut and left for another time (that other time never came because of the mess).

Last wee I worked on finishing the pages. I added pockets, and waterfalls to the pages and a few other nice aspects. I then matted the pages with a patterned paper. And, as you will see it is, yes, wait for it…..Christmas paper.

The pics of the finished pages and the cover for the album are below. I will be finishing this mini album, which is by the way, a 5 x7 album later this week.

nutcracker is pocket for storing photos

opens to waterfall

4 x 6 photo times 5

back of page 1 front of page2

booklet times 2

3 x 4 photos times 5 each

flap opens

5 x7 times 3

back of page 2 front of page 3

slides into pocket

flap opens

5×7 times 3

cover and band

This album will hold up to approximately 12 five by seven photos, 5 four by six photos, and 10 three by four photos or a combination of these sizes as you see fit. Magnets hold the waterfall and booklet features in place as you look through the album and the band fits the cover of the album to keep everything tucked away and safe.

Stay tuned as today I have another post for you all (lucky ducks). I will be sharing a few stamp sets that are going live today from the new Stamping Up catalog. I will post those images here or you can visit my FB page or my new YouTube channel (thought I would try it, we will see how it goes and I will decide if it is worth the trouble) 10am CST. Anyway…..

Happy Crafting -Stephanie

Stampin Up Annual Catalog Release Date June 3

I will be featuring some of the new products that I have takin’ a liking to during the month of June.

Anyone interested in ordering, having a Virtual Party (facebook live, zoom etc..), or becoming a demonstrator contact me ( and we will get you set up and ready to go!

Stayed tuned for my faves from the new catalog: Starting June 3 to the 30th.

As always you can shop online at, remember to use my demonstrator number: 2226342

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Crafting -Stephanie


I have another quick card tutorial for you. I’m super excited about this card, I found the how-to over on YouTube (TuesdayTips with Connie Stewart). I have made several of these since watching the video, why you ask, because it’s so stinking easy and FUN, did I mention FUN!

This is what you will need to get started:

Remember: All measurements given are in INCHES

  1. solid color card stock 1 piece 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
  2. pattern card stock 1 piece 5 1/4 x 4
  3. white card stock 1 piece 8 x 5 1/4 *scored at 4 in. on the long side (8″)
  4. sentiment stamp, adhesive
  5. set aside the scraps from the solid color and white card stock, this will be used for the sentiment strip later in the project.

Here We Go….

Take the white card stock and score it on your score board. Score on the 8 inch side at 4 inches. Fold the card in half. You are now ready to take the pattern card stock (5 1/4 x 4) and attach it to the front of your white card. I used double sided tape for this project.

score at 4 inches
fold card
attach pattern paper to front of card
you now have this

Next we will attach the card to the solid piece of card stock (5 1/2 x 4 1/4). Make sure to leave an 1/8 of an inch border around the card, see picture below.

Now we will work on the sentiment closure. First you need to determine the size of white card stock you will need . To do this put your sentiment down how you want to stamp it (I used my cutting mat as it has rulers on it) then measure the width and length of the sentiment. In the pictures below you can see my sentiment: it took up not quite 2 inches in width and 3 3/4 inches in length. So, I added a 1/4 inch to each measurement and cut then stamped the sentiment.

To finish the sentiment strip you need to cut the scrap of solid colored card stock that you set aside to a 1/4 inch more on the width and 1 inch more on the length. I cut my solid scrap to 2 1/2 x 4 3/4. Attach the sentiment to this piece, attaching it close to the left side of the solid color strip you just cut. See picture

Then score the solid color right where the white paper ends, this will form a flap that will be glued to the back of the card. picture below.

Time to finish this card! Add tape to the backside of the flap, figure out where you want your sentiment and attach the flap to the back of the card.

figure out placement
add adhesive to flap
attach flap to card back

Finished Card

front of card
flap opened
inside of card
back to front

You’re Done! As I said, easy and fun. I love these cards and have already made a hand full of them. Below is a set of cards that has been added to the SHOP page and a single one of these cards that has also been added to the SHOP page (which was recently updated, I might add, take a look).

Hope you have FUN with this tutorial and try your own. If your not into making your own cards, you can always shop with ME. Oh, I almost forgot there is also a video tutorial for this card on the FaceBook page of course.

Have a Safe and Healthy week. See you right here, next time! -Stephanie