Well, I finally got around to cleaning my craft table off, reorganized my papers, and got my stamps and dies put away. I always forget to take the before picture, but believe me when I say you could not see the top of the table. It was “ridiculous”!

Anyway, I found a few cards that needed to be finished, and some pages for a mini album, that had been folded and cut and left for another time (that other time never came because of the mess).

Last wee I worked on finishing the pages. I added pockets, and waterfalls to the pages and a few other nice aspects. I then matted the pages with a patterned paper. And, as you will see it is, yes, wait for it…..Christmas paper.

The pics of the finished pages and the cover for the album are below. I will be finishing this mini album, which is by the way, a 5 x7 album later this week.

nutcracker is pocket for storing photos

opens to waterfall

4 x 6 photo times 5

back of page 1 front of page2

booklet times 2

3 x 4 photos times 5 each

flap opens

5 x7 times 3

back of page 2 front of page 3

slides into pocket

flap opens

5×7 times 3

cover and band

This album will hold up to approximately 12 five by seven photos, 5 four by six photos, and 10 three by four photos or a combination of these sizes as you see fit. Magnets hold the waterfall and booklet features in place as you look through the album and the band fits the cover of the album to keep everything tucked away and safe.

Stay tuned as today I have another post for you all (lucky ducks). I will be sharing a few stamp sets that are going live today from the new Stamping Up catalog. I will post those images here or you can visit my FB page or my new YouTube channel (thought I would try it, we will see how it goes and I will decide if it is worth the trouble) 10am CST. Anyway…..

Happy Crafting -Stephanie